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No. Any company can lease or buy IP addresses. We are here to help with all the administrative requirements and procedures.

PI means provider independent. These addresses are assigned by a regional routing registry to network operators who can show they need an address space that is not tied to a service provider. PI address space is portable, which means the operator can take the address
space when them when they change providers. PI space is also fixed; it
is (generally) safe to use PI space as you might private or other IP
address spaces; you can assign them to individual subnets or hosts
and count on them remaining the same over time.

PI assignments are usually small; they cannot be aggregated into larger blocks. The disadvantage of this is that networks operators throughout the Internet may choose not to route them.

PA means provider aggregatable. These addresses can be assigned by a provider from their PI pool to an operator to which they are providing connectivity service.

The advantage of PA addresses is that the routing information for many customers can be aggregated once it leaves the provider’s routing domain. On the other hand, the provider can change the address block assigned to its customer at any time. Unlike PI addresses, the end-user of address blocks within a provider-supplied space cannot reuse the addresses if they change up-stream connectivity providers.

Minimum lease period is minimum payment period. Payment has to be made before resources are transferred for both lease and sale of IP addresses.